More than ever before, women (and men!) are becoming aware of their tummy - belly fat, love handles, and a protruding abdomen are just not acceptable!


Pregnancy, for example, is a life-changing event, but it often comes with body-changing consequences!  Soon after pregnancy, many women will soon go back to regular exercise and toning up to get rid of that "baby fat" that remains from your body preparing a natural store of energy for the arrival and delivery of that precious baby.  But the dreaded reality is that diet and exercise alone won't return your tummy to its pre-pregnancy state - or remove those stretch marks!


Here at Syracuse Plastic Surgery, we are frequently asked for liposuction to fix the problem of a post-pregnancy tummy. Yes, "lipo'' will help, but it is only part of the solution. Liposuction is a simple procedure that removes fat in selected areas, and, if done with skill is a very useful tool. But the skin of the post-pregnancy body won't return to its pre-pregancy look with lipo alone. Even some of the newer procedures, like Coolsculpt, that can actually "melt" fat, still won't sculpt shape or restore your skin's elasticity.


For that beautiful, tight, perfect abdomen you're look for, Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) is the surgical procedure of choice! It will remove excess skin and restore the abdominal muscle's position. Combined with selective liposuction, we can help you achieve the sculptured tummy of your dreams! Our sculptural tummy tuck is a skilled, artistic, just-for-you combination of fat removal and tightening of skin and muscles. Just look at some of our results. These could be yours!


The first one is a 37 year old following 2 pregnancies. She was unhappy with her "Muffintop" and lack of visible muscle tone. Here's her "before" and "after." What a difference!

In the example above, you can see her "before" problems, and her beautiful post-surgical results. I call this approach a "Combo." It combines a limited tummy tucky, moving the Umbilicus (belly button) slightly lower, removing the "muffintop," sculpting the abominal muscles with limited liposuction, tightening the muscle, and removing extra, unwanted skin. Some call this procedure it a "Marriage Abdominoplasty!" This entire procedure was done at our office surgical facility under sedation alone - at aconsiderble savings as compared to an outpatient Hospital facility.

This 33 year old, after 2 pregnancies, had a lot of extra sagging skin anchored at the navel, along with many striae(stretch marks). She had done a lot of working out,  which helped her to lose fat, but did nothing to tighten her skin.


For her, the solution was a FULL ABDOMINOPLASTY, done as an outpatient at the hospital because we needed a deeper anesthesia for her procedure.


A  lot of skin was removed with a transposition of the belly button, keeping it at the same level but with new and healthy-looking skin around it. Muscles were tightened, along with liposuction done which revealed the "six pack" you see in the "after" pictures. Most of the stretch marks disappeared with the tightening of the skin,because the skin is tight - and even the scar is invisible under a "string bikini!"

After a few pregnancies, this 38 year old patient had a lot of extra skin and fuller figure. We opted for a transposition navel abominoplasty, or "Tummy tuck." We removed a lot of excess skill, and created a new belly button for her, as well as sculplturing the upper abdomen to give her definition of her muscles and shape to her. The procedure was done in one of the out-patient surgical centers, under general anesthesia, at a local outpatient surgical-center . This type of result won't be accomplished by simply "melting" or removing fat - but as you might guess, she was very happy with the results!
This 40 year old patient was very energetic and athletic, and had had no pregnancies. Still, she had some stubborn fat that wouldn't budge even with diet and workout. Liposuction alone would have removed the fat, but would have left her with loose skin, as, over time, our skin looses some of its elasticity, and won't "spring back" when the underlying fat is removed. We carefully planned liposculpturing - as you can see in the "before" pictures. We literally drew a roadmap to a smooth, sculptured tummy! We performed a limited abdominoplasty (mini-tummy tuck) combined with liposuction for the result you see above. Observe the low placement of the surgical scar.
This fifty year old patient worked out regularly, but still felt uncomfortable with a rounded abdomen. A combination of liposuction and abdominoplasty  - and now she's proud to show off her shape in a swim suit!
This 29-year-old male patient lost 150 pounds! A great accomplishment, but it did leave him with a lot of extra skin. We performed a sliding navel abdominoplasty, or "Male Tummy Tuck." Note that a small amount of fat is left in this procedure to provide some shape in the lower abdomen. As one patient said to me, "the important thing about a tummy tuck isn't what taken out, but what is left behind!" His scars are still red and it will take at least a year to look lighter, but he is very happy right now!
Male abdominoplasty:
For this 45 year old male, workouts were not working! A combination of liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) gave him the results he was looking for. Many male patients are fearful of a revealing scar.  A strategically low-placed scar will complete the ideal male abdominoplasty results.
This patient had a significant amount of fat and excess skin, which were uncomfortable. Even in a case like this, the removal of the skin and fat can be accomplished with great results!
For this patient, a little was all that was required to go from "good" to "great!"
Sometimes it's hard to believe that we're looking at the same patient, before and after. In this case, the patient had a significant amount of fat and bulging in the abdomen on an otherwise slim frame. Post surgery, everything is in proportion.
This case involved not only removal of fat, but some adjustment around the navel for a flat, attractive result.
Another patient whose abdomen had lost its elasticity and lift. Removing fat and skin restored a flat, appealing look, as well as greater comfort for the patient.

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