Have you always wondered how you'd look if your nose was just a little smaller, or a slightly different shape? Many of us feel that our noses just don't fit our face - and we'd love to do something about it.


​You can rely on Dr. Armenta for the result you've always dreamed of. Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a sensitive operation, requiring the kind of skill and ability that only years of experience and a naturally artistic eye can provide. We've all seen disappointing results - but you only have to review Dr. Armenta's results to be assured that your new nose will be every bit as beautiful - and as perfect for your face - as you've always dreamed.

Your surgery will depend upon the amount and type of work needed to achieve the perfect results. Surgery on the nose will require a longer recovery period than some facial surgeries, and your lovely new nose will slowly appear as the swelling recedes.


Let the artistry do the talking.

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Rhinoplasty, (nose job) and cheek implants.
Before and after Rhinoplasty (nose job) showing the dramatic effect that this procedure can have on your face. 
Rhinoplasty is not just for the young:
at any age it can make subtle or dramatic changes.
It's hard to believe that such a small change as a rhinoplasty (nose job) could create such an extraordinary inprovement!
Not all noses are equal, and each patient will require something just for her (or him!). We will discuss in detail the possible options, and the many factors that can affect the result that could be obtained. This a very personal choice - a very artistic and dedicated procedure that only the most experienced and capable plastic surgeons will feel comfortable performing. As you will find in the Area of Syracuse not too many plastic surgeons perform Rhinoplasties!  
In the case above, you can see a big change in the profile, but very little when seen from the front. The objective in any rhinoplasty is to preserve the identity and beauty of each individual.
This lovely Native American woman wanted to preserve her unique ethnic features with a subtly refined nose.This example of rhinoplasty shows some of my personal technique sealing with a thick nasal tip
Each ethnic background presents a unique beauty and challenge for Dr. Armenta's artistic eye to bring to full view. This Asian woman's face is enhanced with her rhinoplasty procedure in perfect keeping with her natural look and style.
 Is there such a thing as a "western" nose? Oriental? African? Latino? Yes - and no! Beauty is both what you are hoping to achieve, and what can be done to bring about truly lovely results. Dr. Armenta will work with you to understand what you want and help you understand both the limits and possibilities of your rhinoplasty!
This South American woman wanted to balance her delicate features with a slightly smaller and more refined nose.
This patient wanted to have a narrower, straighter and softer look to her profile,  and we were very pleased with the results!Rhinoplasty is a south american person has very different challenges compared to an Anglo Saxon or African American Nose
An African American patient. Each individual will present unique challenges and have a picture of how she wishes to look. We work with her to make that a reality!I have developed my own trademark techniques to deal with the thick soft tissues in a Rhinoplasty

Many different faces, many beautiful looks!

Males have different nose image ideals than women, and the planning and execution of the procedure is different. The swelling after the Rhinoplasty surgery tends to be more prolonged, so the final results wont be apparent for as many as 12 months .
Pictures  before and one year after Rhinoplasty.  As expected it took this long to see the real shape of the nose due to the swelling from surgery.
Before, and a year after Rhinoplasty. Aggressive changes were made, including the elevation of the nasal tip and straightening of the dorsum.
Before and one year after Rhinoplasty, with less aggressive changes of the nose tip and change of the curvature of the dorsum (Hump) to obtain the appearance she wanted.

This lady wanted to have a nose more proportioned to her small facial features. Shown here after 3 months after her Rhinoplasty Her reduction of the Hump, and narrowing of the nasal tip.

Some have been waiting many years because they were told not to be vain, but that does not cure the desire to look more proportionate or attractive as they say, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." This patient's rhinoplasty was more focused on the soft tissues of the nose.

In this rhinoplasty the nasal tip cartilages were redirected and the nasal hump was made  smooth.

Elevation of the tip and smoothing of the dorsum (hump) with chin enhancement.

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