Our face is usually the first thing that greets the world around us. So we all want to look our best: fresh, youthful, happy, and confident. Dr. Armenta is skilled at seeing the beauty hidden in each of us, and recommending the best procedures to bring it to light.

There are a variety of surgical procedures that can refine your nose, chin, skin, neck - even ears can be made smaller and foreheads can be lifted and made more smooth. Depending upon your needs, general health, and what will work best for you, Dr. Armenta will an appropriate surgery or surgeries to reach your desired goal.

Dr. Armenta is board certified in Plastic Surgery and member of the prestigeous American Society of plastic surgeons Member of the  the pannel of breast surgery  in the past.Many  of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive Surgery as well as an artistic eye, so you can trust his skill and aesthetic sense.

Many facial surgeries are done in combination to allow for less total recovery time, and a fully rejuvenated appearance


The Problems:

Sagging skin

Loss of tone

Sun damage

Aging of face

Loss of volume

Lines and wrinkles


The Solutions:


"Mini" lift

Skin rejuvenation


Lip fillers




About Fillers

There are so many injectable fillers on the market today: Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane - Radiesse,Sculptra.and each one has particular advantages for a particular problem or area of the face.they are all different tools in the artistic pallete of the plastic surgeon That's why a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is so important. Choosing the right filler, injecting it into the right area, and in the right amount, is critical to your result: how long it will last, how good it will look, and your overall health and well-being! 


 Have you ever wondered how Hollywood celebrities look so good for so many years - it's not that "secret" diet they claim to have discovered! Typically, it's not even a simple "lift," but a combination of specially chosen procedures that provide natural, beautiful, youthful results. Take a look at my patient in the example above. For her, we not only performed a life, but a lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and cheeck implants. The combination? A "wow" result, with long-lasting improvements. This patient's procedures were all performed in our office surgical facility under sedation and local anesthesia. From start to finish, the surgery took about three hours. But at our office, we have a flat Operating Room fee - so there's no need to worry about how long your procedure will take ,unlike most hospitals, that  charge you by the hour. Anesthesia and OR time , supplies at our surgical suite ar all  included in that flat fee. And under sedation there is no hangover feeling  from the gases of General anesthesia.

CO2 laser facial skin resurfacing.

The patient shown above had significant sun damage to her skin, and underwent CO2 laser resurfacing. While the recovery from this procedure is long - and a little challenging - you can see how well it works! This is the "Gold Standard" treatment for facial lines. Because the recovery time is long, this procedure isn't recommended for someone looking for a "lunch hour skin peel," SkinMedica products, Dermabrasion, or Thermage. All will provide some improvement, but none quite as stunning as this! We will explain all the choices, along with our recommendation for your best choice, when you visit!

Before and 1 year after face lift, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty (eye lid lift)

Above, you'll see a combination of procedures used to obtain the best possible result. Some patients might feel like trying only one thing at a time, and the choice is always yours, but we are careful to point out all the things that could be improved.The next case will show how just a lower eyelid surgery improved the whole face. 

Lower lid Blepharoplasty.

This is an example how just one procedure can make a big difference. This patient now wants to do her upper eye lids.

1 Year after Face lift

 Face Lift, Liposuction and chin implant, notice the great pull forward of her neck skin, the deflation of the Jowls and the smoothing of her neck skin.

14 years after Facelift - still looking beautiful!

A chin implant helped this patient mantain the effect of a neck lift for 14 years! In the last year she has developed multiple small lines around her eyes due to lax skin, but she has come back from out-of-state to have that take care of. This procedure was done at our office surgical facility (see below).

Thess women looking terrific after her eyelid surgery (UPPER AND LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY).

This recent patient had a face lift  performing a vertical SMAS lift she obtained very good improvement of Face and Neck
This patient had a full face lift  and cheek  implants to restore the loss of volume of her mid face .This combination of procedures were  done in one stage under sedation and local anesthesia. 
To obtain this dramatic change we performed multiple procedures in 2 stages, both under sedation and local anesthesia at the office surgical facility. This case was published in a magazine. This will show you how extensive procedures could safely done in an AAAASF approved facility while keeping the patient in a private environment and comfortable condition. She had a Facelift and Blepharoplasties (eye-lift), as well as CO2 Laser resurfacing and Forehead lift.
This next [picture is only 2 weeks after surgery face and eyes. Can you guess her age?
This is after a facelift and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). See the changes under the chin and the smooth upper and lower eyelid skin. It is common to hear: "I am not ready for a FACE LIFT!" What the patient really means is that he or she is not emotionally accepting that age has made changes to their appearance. This person shows you how you may look - different but different in a better way! It is common to associate the idea of a face lift with a tight face with obvious post surgical appearance. This is an example how the results are highly dependent on who is the surgeon. I want to quote one of my patients: "It is about the artist, not about the paint."
This is a Picasso, you just choose your artist.

Time line of a Face lift

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