Pregnancy, one or more, will change a woman's body. Some of these changes are quite beautiful. But the weight gain, stretching of the skin, reduced time for a "beauty routine" - these can all result in changes to the slim, firm look we all crave. A combination of procedures, the "Mommy Makeover" aims to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy profile.

Dr. Armenta has expertise in all areas of body sculpting, using the right combination of procedures on the breasts, abdomen, skin, and underlying muscles - so all you have to worry about is that new little member of the family!

This patient was looking for a classic "Mommy Makeover" - she had a little "pot belly" (the result of too much stretched-out skin), a protruding navel, an increased waist line, and lost breast volume. Four months later you can see the results of a "combo abdominoplasty" with navel transposition, liposuction to redefine the abdomen, and breast augmentation with silicone implants. This entire procedure was  done at our office operating room under sedation - safe, relaxed, and with tremendous cost savings versus a hospital stay.

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