The diagnosis of breast cancer is frightening. With advances in treatment, though, most cancers, caught and treated reasonably early, can be completely cured. Still, the treatments themselves - surgery and radiation - and the resulting change in a woman's appearance - can be distressing. 


At a time like this, a woman wants to feel safe, secure, and to know that her treatment and breast reconstruction are the best and most advanced, and will create in the most beautiful, natural results.


Dr. Armenta is one of the few surgeons in the Syracuse area to employ techniques once only used for cosmetic results as a "one-step" procedure, so that a woman has fewer challenges in returning to a full, healthy life following breast cancer.


Dr. Armenta has pioneered a process to work with a patient's oncologist and cancer surgeon to change the type of incision used to remove the tumor or breast, and then immediately perform the implant, or "reconstruction" surgery. You can see the amazing results in the examples marked "One Step," below.


The benefits to the patient are immense: a single surgery and hospital stay; no need to wait while the initial surgery heals; no "expander" procedure to prepare the area for the implant; and finally, the implant is immediate - the patient doesn't even have to wait to see her"self" restored to her pre-cancer profile!


Cosmetic results are even more significant with the introduction of the use of different kinds of internal mesh, providing ...for support and shape to the new breast implant,  and stabilization of the pectoral muscle.


Dr. Armenta has also perfected additional new techniques like fat grafting that adjust small or large irregularities in the breast shape. Finally,  he has also perfected the art of tatooing of the areola - right in the office, allowing for insurance coverage of the procedure -  to restore the breast to its beautiful, pre-surgical condition. In some cases, the breast may look so perfect that it's hard to tell which is the surgically restored version!


As expected,  of course, radiation therapy or complications can occur, but Dr. Armenta's objective is to help return you as quickly as possible to your life and activities - and lovely as you were before!

One step procedure

After mastectomy and reconstruction

48 year old patient. Cancer of the right breast. The patient opted for bilateral surgery and both breasts were reconstruted day of the initial  Mastectomies. No tissue expanders were used. "Gummy bear " implants were used. The nipples and areolas were intentionally made smaller and  were created  at the office under local anethesia; the areolas were tatooed at the office by Dr Armenta.The scar sen on her left upper chest is from the port placed for Chemotherapy

One step procedure

After bilateral breast reconstruction
The reconstructed breast are lifted and rounded, the nipples and areolas are reconstructed.

One step procedure

After mastectomy on both sides

52 year old patient. Right breast cancer that persisted after Lumpectomy. She chose bilateral mastectomies to be able to mantain symmetry. No tissue expanders were used. A 475 cc silicone breast implant was used, along with Alloderm was used.  Two months later, nipples were constructed and and areolas created at the office. She was fully recovered in 3 months.

Nipple-sparing (preservation)Mastectomy

After  mastectomy and reconstruction

These are exeptionally good results because this woman was an ideal candidate for this type of nipple-sparing mastectomy surgery. Some patients have enough sagging of the breasts that they would have better results with the procedures shown in the previous cases. The purple arrow that points to the brassiere fold marks. These are not a scars or folds formed by the breast reconstruction procedure.

Unusual circumstances


Before any surgery


After breast Implant surgery
( A) 45 year Old female asking for  breast enhancement. (B) and a year later after breast implant  surgery. (C)Seven years later she is diagnosed with breast cancer,  and the same day of the mastectomy we did reconstruction of both breast .

I cannot promise that everybody would get this quality of result, but it is an excellent sample of what could be obtained.


In this specific instance everything was removed during the mastectomy (including nipple and areola) and everything was reconstructed. See below the steps that were taken:

After blateral  mastectomy and reconstruction


After reconstructing the breast
After nipple reconstruction
After Tattooing the color
We do the nipple and simple color tattooing, or 3D tattooing only


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