If your dream body has always included larger, fuller, more beautiful breasts, why wait? We have several options for breast enlargement, including the new Gummy Bear for a more natural look.


The Problems:

Too small breasts

Breast not in proportion to the rest of the body

Breast size reduced following pregnancy and breast-feeding

Slight drooping of the breast. 


The Solutions:

Breast implants: Saline, silicone, high-density gel


About Breast Implants:
Breast augmentation, or breast implants, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today.

Thanks to improvements in materials and techniques you can expect your breast implant to feel very natural, and to have relatively little pain or lost time following the surgery.

While Dr. Armenta will consult with you to offer you the very best procedure, size, and shape to suit you and your body, one of the newest and most popular ways to increase the size and improve the shape of your breasts is the so-called "Gummy Bear" implant.

This implant is made from a high-density gel that will maintain its shape no matter what your posture - and it is less likely to leak or rupture than previous implant types.

This patient was a 36 A/B cup, and wanted to go to a C/D. We used "Gummy bears," the newest silicone breast implants from Allergan. These give a very natural shape and upper fullness.  Style 410 FF silicone stable form.
This 26 year old patient was a 32A, and went to a 32 B/C after having a breast augmentation with style 20 silicone implants, 280cc above the pectoral muscle (submammary placement).
This  30 year old patient was a 32 A; we increased her breast size to a 32 C with a 290cc subpectoral saline breast implant.
This 21 year old patient had breast augmentation with 370 cc gummy bear silicone implants. This style results in a natural breast slope. Sizes range from 120 to 800 cc. 
This 32 year old patient was given submuscular silicone breast implants 350cc style 20. This this style and size provide a more rounded shape and added fullness.
This 30 year old patient had a breast augmentation with a submammary silicone round medium profile style 20- 320 cc. She is now is wearing a 32 C brassiere, and was previously an A.
This 47 year old was unhappy with a loss of breast volume and some ptosis (droopiness). We chose breast augmentation with a submammary implant (above the muscle), in this case a 460 cc style 45. This round implant provides high projection, giving her the lift she hoped for, without external incisions. This patient had been 36B, and after surgery was a 36D.
This 42 year old's breasts were too heavy for her frame, and caused neck and back discomfort. We removed a small amount of breast tissue, in addition to a breast lift procedure (Mastopexy). This patient went from 34 DD to a 34 C/D.
Our 29 year old patient presented us with a challenge: her breasts were unequal in size and nipple orientation. We used a different submuscular  implants size on each side - 375 and 400 - to to balance the size and shape of her breasts, but the nipples were still not quite even. Incisions would have to be made around the areolas, leaving scars. This patient was ultimately satisfied with her results without the nipple repositioning.
Unequal breast size is more common than you might think. This 28 year old had different size breasts, and her surgery required different submuscular  size implants.  A 400 and 450 cc, respectively were used in this case, resulting in perfect symmetry and no resulting issues with her nipples.
Another common problem for women over time, and often following child-bearing is a loss of fullness. This 45 year old was unhappy with the fullness and sagginess of her breasts.  Bilateral breast augmentation with submammary silicone implants, 425 cc style 20. She went from a 34B to a 34C.
In this case, our 40 year old patient had good fullness, but low position of the nipples. She did not want the scars from a mastopexy (breast lift), so we decided to increase her size - and the implants themselves gave her added lift. We used 350 cc style 45, above the muscle.
A 36 year old was a 36 B size, and gained both size and lift as she went up to a 36 D with a 390cc silicone implants.
This 46 year old wanted to have natural looking, larger breasts. This result was obtained with a "Gummy bear" silicone implant. Style 410 FF, 375 cc. She was a 36 A and went up tp a 36 C.
Our 31 year old patient had a breast augmentation with silicone implants, 450 cc Allergan style 20. This changed her breast size (bra size) change from a 34 A to a 34 C. A definite plus!

This is a 40 year old female  underwent breast enhancement with a Silicone breast Implant of 400 cc Style 45 to obtain a high projection.it changed her brasize from an A to a C.

Changes of appearance after breast augmentation
The shape and the symmetry after the procedure go through a gradual settling. for a period of a year!

325cc style 20, sub-muscular implants.

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